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Where does Colin McCarthy fit in this new Titans team?

From fan favorite to forced fit, what is the future for Colin McCarthy in Tennessee?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

During his rookie year, Colin McCarthy spent the majority of the time on the bench behind terrible MLB Barrett Ruud. Despite this, when Ruud went down with an injury, McCarthy came in with almost no experience and was a difference maker. No matter where he was on the field or what the situation, McCarthy found ways to make game-changing plays week after week. It looked like the Titans had found the heir apparent to Keith Bulluck (or at least a MLB that wouldn't be continually exposed).

Fast forward to the present and McCarthy is competing to be the primary backup rather that being the face of the defense. Multiple injuries and some costly mistakes on the field, have put McCarthy in a bad position. Like so many other young Titans, he is running out of time to figure out where he can make an impact on the field.

With Wesley Woodyard and Zach Brown reportedly the favorites to land the ILB jobs, it would behoove McCarthy to focus on one thing this season: staying healthy. Moise Fokou was a good MLB early last year and he may be the man to beat as the primary backup for the Titans, but there are no guarantees in this league. If the Titans new coaches want someone who can slip blocks and be the first person to make contact with the ball carrier then McCarthy is their guy.

With slight players like Zach Brown and Wesley Woodyard playing behind a defensive line that will be penetrating rather than space-eating, a healthy backup ILB is a must have. Can McCarthy get over his injury bug and be that guy?