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2014 NFL Draft results: The Titans pick Taylor Lewan

The Titans just picked up their left tackle of the future, Michigan OT Taylor Lewan, with the No. 11 pick.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Titans had to be milking the clock for all it was worth there because they didn't want to take a player that isn't going to be on the field next season. Apparently Ruston couldn't get enough to move out of this spot. I really thought someone would be willing to come up and get Johnny Manziel.

This could end up being a great pick for the Titans. Mike Keith has been raving about him on the the radio for the past 10 minutes. Keith makes a good point that left tackles are expensive and this move gives them a few years of potentially a great player on the cheap.

With all of that being said, I hate the pick. It blows my mind that they could not find someone to move up to 11 where they could pick up a third.

UPDATE: Here is what Dan Kadar had to say about Lewan:

Taylor Lewan is a classic offensive tackle. He's not going to be a finesse blocker. He's the type of offensive lineman who will knock defenders to the ground and try to rip their head off. Literally. Lewan violently twisted and pulled on a Michigan State player's helmet after a play last season. Run blocking, Lewan is a brute. He can drive block just about anyone he goes against and can get out on the move on the second level. As a pass blocker, Lewan is obviously athletic and can get out on the move to his left. Where he gets beat is on moves to the inside. Lewan improved some there in 2013, he gets beat too often by stunts or spin moves.