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MCM Radio: The 2014 Titans Draft-tacular Edition!

Live tonight at 9:00!


Within 24 hours of tonight, the Titans will have a new hope, a new direction and a new star of tomorrow... or they'll have drafted BlakeBortelsAnthonyBarrJohnnyFootball. We're going to talk draft, draft and more draft tonight starting live at 9:00 Central!

By the grace of the football gods, I have no idea how long this show will end up being. Dano and I both have a mountain of topics to touch on, but I'm more excited about taking your calls!

So hop on the phone and let us hear it: 1st and 2nd round picks for the Titans... WHO YA GOT?

You can get the live stream, the chat room and all of the info you need call in by clicking here. If you miss the live show, you can get the podcast over at iTunes or Stitcher.