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Tennessee Titans News Links: Keeping A Lid On It

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Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt talked to the media about the draft yesterday. I didn't expect them to give any new or interesting information, and they didn't. I mean, why would they? The draft is tomorrow. What I did find interesting is that the reporters asked them about every single top QB prospect, and a lot of the prospects in general yet no mention of Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy is gonna fall, I don't know how far, but every single team that passes on him (with a QB need) is gonna be really sorry. At this point I'm rooting for him to go top 10 so we don't have to regret that.

The Titans have 26 players with first round grades says Ruston.

Cover 2 looks at Davante Adams, who I think has a bit of Michael Crabtree to him, and I think he can play the X, and NIU safety Jimmie Ward, a very good player IMO.

Inside the War Room with God help this football team if we take AJ McCarron in the 2nd round.

Paul Kuharsky looks at what is wrong with some of the players that could be there at 11.

Paul Kuharsky also took Gunnel's favorite, Eric Ebron with the 11th pick in the ESPN mock draft.

Glennon and Wyatt talk about who the Titans could take with the 11th pick.

Quote of the Day: Linked is Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech. Whether or not you are a NBA fan, this is worth your while. In a world where athletes are often mislabeled as role models, Kevin Durant is someone who actually is role model material. His speech epitomizes everything he's about, making it about everyone else that's made him what he is today.