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Between The Posts: Job Security

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who grew up with an Aircraft Engineer for a father, this piece intrigued me. Crazy to think that, even to this day, such simple occurrences can break the most complex computer systems that we all rely on for things as simple as transportation.

In football news, Rams GM Les Snead is happy to be sitting at No.2 overall.

"At two this year, it's a nice place to be..."

In other news, water is wet. Maybe it's not such a nice place to be....year after year. had a piece on today regarding seven NFL GM's that are on the proverbial hot-seat heading into Thursday's draft. While I don't necessarily agree on all of them, it was an interesting read. Also worth noting is that, as expected, Ruston Webster is nowhere close to that list. It is always the key to any successful organization to have a quality GM behind the scenes. The Titans are lucky in that regard. Along with the long-term deal new Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt received, the staff should have some much-needed stability as they build the franchise back into a winner.

As per usual, I leave the thread open for any off-topic discussion or debate. Have an awesome Tuesday night.