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Tennessee Titans News Links: Two More Days

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Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is now just two day away. Pretty exciting/ or scary times. Jim Wyatt takes the time to talk Titans' draft strategyand mentions that they should/need/will take a QB somewhere between rounds 1 and 4 and mentions their interest in Derek Carr.

Wyatt says that although the Titans want to win now, they may draft with an eye towards the future.

In Jim Wyatt's 2nd mock draft he gives the Titans Anthony Barr in the first round and Mason in the second. I could live with this draft.

PK talks about Phase 2 of the offseason starting for the Titans.

If the Titans trade down, one of the guys they could take is Kony Ealy. Not a big fan of that. If we trade down, I'd preferably trade into the teens and take a guy like Mosley.

What is the Titans' weakest position group? I think its probably linebackers.

Two players that play much bigger than their size are Jason Verrett and my boy, Jarvis Landry.

Quote of the Day: "Love only dies when growth stops." -Pearl S. Buck