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Between The Posts: Draft Business

Your nightly OT open thread!

Mike Stobe

It's another Monday down, and this time around you have the real-life draft to look forward to. We here at MCM will be covering every angle of the draft with the Titans in mind, so stay tunes. Now, moving on to today's news and musings;

Charley Casserly's latest mock is a doozy. He has Johhny Manziel falling out of the 1st round. That's not happening.

It's not a forgone conclusion that the NFL draft will be hosted in Radio City Music Hall next season, or anywhere in New York City for that matter. Apparently, there has been a lot of pushing by multiple city official parties lobbying for their city to host the next draft.

Mike Mayock also released his updated positional rankings...somehow things have changed in the past two weeks, but okay, whatever you say Mike. I think some of his placements are absurd, especially at QB. In a season where I normally agree a lot with what he says, I have found myself confused by his rankings this time around.

That's it for tonight. Any off-topic discussions are welcome in the thread below. Have an awesome Monday night.