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Tennessee Titans News Links: Battle of the Bulge

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chance Warmack talks about the fight against his stomach and how the 335 he weighs this year is different than the 335 last year.

Webster thinks this years CB, WR, and RB groups are very strong. I tend to agree, especially at WR.

Derek Carr has some positives, but he also has a truckload of negatives. Please no. Please, please no.

Colin McCarthy wants to have a bloody face all season. Ok.

CJ Mosley would be a good pick for the Titans in the first round except for one thing, injuries. The guy has a boatload of them, and that worries me. But he's a great player when on the field.

The Titans have more players than any other franchise form 2004-2013 to have their draftees start games. Impressive, but like PK says, look at the quality of some of those players.

Cover 2 looks at Kelvin Benjamin and Bradley Roby. Yuck, and yuck.

Cover 2 also looks at two excellent prospects in Brandin Cooks and Kyle Fuller. I think Cooks is a better version of Tavon Austin from a year ago and I think Fuller is the best corner in this class.

Quote of the Day: "I've always loved a challenged.'"-Lana Turner