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Worst and Best Case Scenarios for the other AFC South teams

What should the Titans be looking for on draft day from the other teams?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

I won't pretend to know what will happen five years down the road, and some of the things I say today may look completely wrong. However, based on what I know now and what I read from those that make a living off of the NFL Draft, this is what I believe to be the best and worst scenarios for the other AFC South teams in round one.

Houston Texans

Best Case- Khalil Mack LB, Buffalo

Mack is a better fit for the Houston defense, and he and J.J. Watt would be more dangerous than Clowney and Watt. Greg Cosell has been very clear on how he sees these guys fitting at the next level and he questions Clowney's ability to play with a hand off of the ground.

Worst Case- Blake Bortles QB, UCF

Bortles may end up being the best QB in this class (though I will argue that Bridgewater is the better prospect) but there is no safe bet at quarterback and he could easily be had at three if not lower. Wasting that spot on a reach when there will surely be some trade offers would be a terrible way to start of the B.O.B era.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Best Case- Jadeveon Clowney DE, SCAR

Clowney is heralded as the best player in this draft and having him fall to three would be a great steal for the Jaguars. He is a great fit in Jacksonville and would be a great player to build around.

Worst Case- Greg Robinson OT, Auburn

Robinson is a dominating run blocker and could be the player in this draft with the highest ceiling. However, he could just as easily be a bust if he doesn't develop properly. He is a 21 year old player that has only really excelled for one year. Could he be just a flash in the pan that just had an uptick in production based on a new system in Auburn?


Best Case- Jordan Matthews WR, Vanderbilt

Matthews would bring size, good hands and consistency to a receiver group that, outside of Hilton and Wayne, don't have that many quality payers.

Worst Case- David Yankey G, Stanford

In their haste to add interior protection for Andrew Luck, they could add a player like Yankey. Yankey has experience all over the line, but he is predominantly a run blocker. Miscasting him into an offense that will likely pass more than they throw would be a bad fit for him, and dealing with players like Watt and Casey would stunt his growth as a player.


Honestly, there are not a lot of ways that the Texans and Jaguars can mess up their high picks in such a great class, but if they take chances on player that don't fit their schemes then it could end up costing them.