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MtD Live Draft Titans Pick Open Thread Day 2

Same as yesterday, you know the drill.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

We enter day two with 3 picks, two in the 4th, and one in the seventh round. Again we call you guys to participate. Yesterday we ended up with a rotational yet dynamic DT/DE in Hageman, who will be a terror rushing the passer. We also ended up with a starter at the running back position with the best in the draft with Carlos Hyde and potentially a future starting QB in Zach Mettenberger. We understand the last two guys have some off the field issues, but we also feel that those are isolated incidents (not that their actions should be condoned), and we believe in second chances. Some remaining needs are OT, DB, MLB, WR, and Kicker. So let us know who you want us to pick, who you don't want us to pick or even just to shoot the breeze, we'd love to have you, and try and remember this is for fun, this is not real life, so don't get worked up.