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MCM Create A Caption

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's the weekend, and thus time for our scheduled off-season caption contest.

This week's image comes courtesy of Titan's Wide Receiver Coach, Shawn Jefferson who, as always, seems to be getting on Justin Hunter's case. Jefferson survived the Titan's coaching purge this year, and rightly so, as his know-how and tough-love coaching style has the wide receiver corps heading in the right direction. He's rarely without a noteworthy comment on their progress however, so I'm sure you guys will have a good time with this one.

Last week, "TitansJonne" was the clear winner, so congrats to him on that zinger. That also makes two weeks in a row for him, so let's see if anyone can step up this time around.

Remember, keep the material clean and on topic. As always, GIFs and pictures are welcome entries. The most rec's wins the day. Without further delay, let's get on to the captioning!