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Taylor Lewan's ex-girlfriend says he punched the guy

Taylor Lewan is facing three misdemeanor charges from a bar fight last year. He says he was just trying to break up the fight. His ex-girlfriend says otherwise.

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Frederick Breedon

The Associated Press obtained the police report from Taylor Lewan's bar incident last year.  That police report contains the following statement from Lewan's ex-girlfriend (via Jim Wyatt):

"He knocked the guy to the ground and he punched him," she told police in a telephone interview Jan. 29, according to the report. Per the report, she recalled hearing Lewan tell his mother "I knocked a guy out" the next morning while they were having breakfast.

Am I the only one who couldn't care less about this incident? A college kid got in a bar fight. Doesn't that happen every weekend?

Now I am not condoning running around knocking people out, but it happens from time to time.

I really wish his lawyers would find a way to make this all go away so Lewan can just worry about playing football.