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Three players that concern me and should concern the Tennessee Titans

Three players that would put a damper on draft day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans need to hit on their first overall pick given that they are likely losing out on a starter with the lack of a third round pick. The first pick is also important because this will always be connected to Ken Whisenhunt and it could define the public perception of the team under his control. Having said that, there are three people that really concern me with the 11th pick.

Justin Gilbert CB, Oklahoma State

Justin Gilbert is completely overhyped in my opinion. His draft stock is bolstered by his ability as a special teams player, and his skills are being overblown. He is an above average corner sure, but he doesn't have the instinct of a player like Kyle Fuller and he also he isn't as effective in the running game as Darqueze Dennard. Some think that his biggest asset is his potential as an athlete, but honestly Bradley Roby is much better than him as a prospect in that regard.

When a player doesn't have blue-chip qualities and isn't the best at any one aspect of his game, it just screams poor value.

Louis Nix III NT, Notre Dame

I wrote earlier that NT isn't a need with the current roster, but that doesn't mean that they still don't want someone that has actually played in that position before. If that is the case, they may be concerned that there wont be a quality NT (there really isn't one outside of Nix early in the draft) in round two.

Taylor Lewan OT, Michigan

Lewan is shooting up mocks and while he has always been a top-16 player, the idea that the Titans could view him as a value pick at 11 scares me. He is tall and athletic, but he has played in a weird system and never really shined. He has elite tools, but he will struggle with leverage early in his career and having a player like Watt or Arthur Jones matching up with a Lewan that struggles with that would be a field day.