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Tennessee Titans MtD Live Mock Round 1-3 Recap

See who we picked in the MtD Mock Draft!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost I want to thank Noles for being the commissioner of the whole event, he's done a superb job so far, and also giving input on who the aTitans should select. Also a huge thanks to SouthTexasTitan who stepped up today and was acting GM while I was out on Shomer Sabbos (sp?). Just kidding, I wasn't, but I was unavailable and am very appreciative of the job the two guys did. Also big thanks to everyone who participated in the open thread, I know Deacon loved our picks.

In Round 1, pick 16 we selected Ra'Shede Hageman. Barr would have been the pick, but he was taken by the Steelers just ahead of us. Hageman, is a very good player, and he could be JJ Watt lite, and probably will play 5 tech for us, rotating with Ropati, and giving us a very good pass rusher and a solid run stuffer. Hageman has a penchant for knocking down passes as well, adding to his ability to disrupt.

In Round 2 we had 2 picks, the first one, at 51 we selected Carlos Hyde, running back from THE Ohio State University. The last running back the Titans drafted turned out rather well for us, and we think Hyde will also be a great back for the Titans. He's a powerful runner that laughs at first contact. He has extremely light feet for the big guy that he is and can run inside the tackles or bounce it outside.

In our last pick in the first three rounds, at number 60 overall we selected Zach Mettenberger, QB from LSU. At 60, Zach was a good value and was by far the best player on our board. We were going to take one of the WRs, Matthews or Allen Robinson, but they were both taken. It was too high to take Skov, and Mett fits the mold of a Whisenhunt QB.

Let us know how well or poorly you think we did in the comments, and we will see you tomorrow for rounds 4-7.