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MtdD Live Draft Third Round Thread

Third Round

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I'd like to welcome everyone to Music City Miracles, the host of the 2014 MtD Live Draft. The annual Live Draft is finally here after a long wait! Many of the GMs represented today are long time veterans of the process so they know what they are doing.


Today: NOON EDT - Houston goes on the clock; Rounds 1-3

Tomorrow: NOON EDT - Rounds 4-7


1. NO SUBJECT LINE (The subject line is only used for the pick, announcing the pick and trades, and for the timer)

2. There are no player trades allowed

3. However, draft rights trade are allowed (ex. Eli for Rivers trade)

4. All trades must be within 200 points from the chart that I sent out earlier this week

5. The timing rules will be strictly enforced. However, in the event of a trade, an additional minute will be tacked on to however much time is left on the clock.

6. Have fun!

My staff:

Timer - TrueBlue87

Trade Calculator - any volunteers?


Round 1: 5 minutes

Round 2: 4 minutes

Round 3: 3 minutes

Round 4-5: 2 minutes

Round 6-7: 1 minute

Draft Tracker

Draft Value Chart