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Who is the best non-starting Tennessee Titan?

Which bench player is most deserving of extra snaps?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are one of the hardest teams to judge based on their roster. They have talented players across the board that all show flashes of being better than average, but poor coaching and instability at quarterback has made their identity murky. Four players on the Titans roster seem to be on the verge of a break out year, if they could just get more snaps in the new offensive and defensive system, the question is which non-starter is poised for the biggest year?

Coty Sensabaugh CB

Despite what most people think, Coty Sensabaugh only played about half of the total defensive snaps last year. Gregg Williams liked to mix up personnel by flipping he and George Wilson out to prevent mismatches. Sensabaugh is expected to be in competition for the open CB spot, and he is who I would bet my money on.

Michael Preston WR

Whisenhunt and company seem to have indicated to the media that they would like to add another big receiver in to the mix in Tennessee. Well, if that player isn't Mike Evans or Jordan Matthews, don't be surprised if Preston outshines him in year one. In an open competition situation, Preston will finally have an unbiased chance to get on the field and compete for redzone snaps.

Collin Mooney FB

If Whisenhunt is serious about checking out all possible personnel groupings, Mooney could be in for a bump in snaps. I know that Whisenhunt didn't use a fullback much last year, but Mooney was one of PFF's highest rated FBs (4th) and he cleared paths when given the chance. If Locker is the guy next year, then a heavy dose of the running game and play action could make it a lot easier on him.

Karl Klug DT

Pop quiz, if Jurrell Casey was the top rated defensive player on the team last year by PFF, who was number two? Alterraun Verner? Nope. Jason McCourty? Nope. Derrick Morgan? Nope. It was Karl Klug. Despite playing just over 300 snaps last year (less than 30%) his ability to pressure the quarterback was unrivaled. If Ray Horton can figure out a way to get him involved in pass rushing downs we could finally see Klug breakout.