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MCM Create A Caption!

Your weekend caption contest continues!


It's time for the Create A Caption for this weekend, the last before the NFL draft commences, so there's that to look forward to. This week's contest features not one, but three members of our cross-division rivals. I am looking for some good material this week with both a concerned looking Dave Caldwell and Shad Khan's mustache all in the same image, so expectations are high. In slightly related news, the Jaguars FO recently reported that they would be "surprised" if Justin Blackmon was to be playing next season, though I have doubts about this affecting their goals at the top of the draft too much. They need a quarterback.

Last week's contest was won handily by "TennesseeTyrants", with 18+ recs to his credit. Time Of Possession jokes are always a winner where the Munchak/Fisher era is concerned.

Remember to keep your material clean and funny. GIFs and pictures are welcome, as always. Before any further delay, let's get onto to some humorous captioning!