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MtD Live Draft Titans Pick Open Thread

Get your input in on who the Titans should select in the MtD Live Mock Draft

Ethan Miller

The Mocking the Draft live mock draft takes place today at 11 EDT. I am the Titans GM, and SouthTexasTitan is my assistant. The first pick will take place at 12 EDT. The point of this thread is for you all to give input on who you would like us to pick with each of our selections. Like I said previously, this will be a sort of electoral college, where you all will nominate players, for us to pick, we will decide based on your nominations who we will pick, unless it is something ridiculous like Garrett Gilbert in the 1st round. Again, we encourage you all to participate, and we welcome all suggestions.

A couple Saturday Links:

Nate Washington says that Charlie Whitehurst is a 'walking playbook' and has helped them learn the offense.


Cover 2 looks at Darqueze Dennard and Marquise Lee. Hopefully we don't draft either, although I think both will be good players, we have other needs.