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2014 NFL Draft: DaQuan Jones Scouting Report

The next great defensive tackle for the Titans, perhaps?

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Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Player Name: DaQuan Jones

H/W: 6'4 322

Position: DT

School/Class: Penn State/Senior

Measureables: 5.34 40 (1.85 10), 25 bench reps, 27.5" vertical jump, 8'5" broad jump, 7.73 3 cone drill

The Tape:

Michigan 2013

Syracuse 2013

Ohio State 2013

Minnesota 2013


  • Athleticism - Jones is a good enough athlete to play either end or inside at tackle. He possesses a frame that can either add or lose weight (which he did in 2013 to become quicker). A big body with fluid hips, which allows for rapid change of direction and an above average ability to fire off the snap. Lower body explosion might be one of the best in the class. Knows where he's going and the purpose of his visit into the opposing backfield.
  • Grip it and rip it - Jones is a busy body who won't fill up the stat sheet with monster numbers but is a space eating type like a Casey Hampton. Has a strong bull rush to push blockers back and frequently drew double teams even in a 4-3 front (which PSU primarily used). Hand strength is above average as well. Mirrors and discards his blocker with little effort.
  • Character - Great teammate and hard worker in both practice and games. Rarely took a play off due to injury. The Anti-Albert Haynesworth if you will. Coachable and willing to learn from mistakes.


  • Athleticism - While being a good athlete, much of Jones' game is unrefined and herky jerky at times (needs to learn how to harness his athleticism instead of running around aimlessly at times) and can be used against him via pancakes. Dependent on his bull rush to get by and needs to improve on his counter moves. The Syracuse tape was a giant exhibition of this. He frequently got stood up by his blocker(s) and failed to make an impact.
  • Fundamentals - Not the strongest area of his skill set. I saw a lot of him being fooled on screens and failure to maintain his gap integrity. Ball awareness isn't the greatest, either. Needs to improve on locating the ball and maintaining the point of attack.

Additional notes:

Jones has impeccable character both on and off the field. It speaks volumes about him in that he chose to stick around the program amid the aftershocks of the NCAA sanctions from the Sandusky drama. He really didn't show up until his senior season. Tutored by one of the best defensive line coaches in the college game in Larry Johnson, Sr (the father of former PSU and Chiefs RB Larry, Junior). Scheme versatile (although Penn State ran a 4-3).Lost 25 pounds in 2013 to be more effective as a pass rusher.


I like this pick in the sense that Jones is a good enough athlete to get by during his rookie season but he needs a lot of coaching. If he can get his stuff together in terms of conditioning and learning the system, then the Titans got a potential franchise type of defensive tackle in the mold of Casey Hampton/Vince Wilfork in the 4th round. Ideally, he is a space eating nose tackle while Jurrell Casey slides outside to end in a defense that features the 3-4 look. I like his willingness to be coached and work ethic. His issues can be coached out of him and with further reps. To further vouch for his character, here's a little story from David Climer.

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