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Tennessee Titans News Links: No News

She missed her bus, missed her plane, surely this can be explained....

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday there was an OTA with a plethora of news for the Wednesday links.  Today there is nothing.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joined The Midday 180 yesterday to break down film.  This happens every week in the 1:00 hour.  You should be listening.

Derrick Morgan joined The Wake-Up Zone to talk about the first OTA and Ray Horton's defense.   He also talked about Bernard Pollard's sink caddy and teammates not brushing their teeth.  It was good stuff.

Yahoo! starts fantasy football sign-ups on May 30th.  I love fantasy football as much as anyone, but even I can't understand why in the world they are starting sign-ups more than 3 months before the season starts.  Discuss.