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Charlie Whitehurst loses number; arm wrestling match to Brett Kern

Brett Kern might be selling tickets to the gun show.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Whitehurst has worn the number 6 dating back to his days as a high schoold quarterback. This year, however, he will be wearing number 12. Why?

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Whitehurst posted that picture on his Instagram account yesterday with the comment (h/t Scrubtanic):

Arm-wrestled the punter for #6 and lost #itwasagoodrun6 #13years

I really wish they was some video of that arm wrestling match. That would probably be pretty fun to watch.

Rich Eisen had the big "Punters are people too" campaign a couple of years ago. I guess Brett Kern could start a "Punters are athletes too" campaign now that he took down a quarterback in an arm wrestling match.