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Tennessee Titans News Links: Jake Locker ahead of schedule

Real Titans news from OTAs.

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Frederick Breedon

Jake Locker on getting back on the field quickly coming off the foot injury via Jim Wyatt:

"I want the guys on the team to know that it means something to me, and that I am going to do everything I can to be in the field," Locker said. "… Hopefully it helps to create a culture that we're all going to try and work that way."

Words cannot express how much I want Locker to be successful. He has the perfect attitude to be a franchise quarterback and the leader of the team. Now he just has to stay healthy.

David Climer talked to Jurrell Casey about his role in the new defense. Shockingly, much to the chagrin of Evan Silva, Casey will not just be a space eater in the middle of a 3-4.

Paul Kuharsky tells us that the Titans season hinges on Jake Locker. PK got his dig in at the Locker supporters....just another day.

David Boclair also offered his thoughts on Jake Locker's early return.

Michael Oher bought a rather large home in the Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville.  It might be on the market again soon, so start getting your down payment together if you like it.