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Ray Horton Blitz of the Week: Cat Pressure

Another week, another Ray Horton Pressure Package.

Thearon W. Henderson

Situation:  Early 2nd Quarter Quarter.  Browns 14- Ravens 3.  3rd down and 4.

Personnel:  Ravens are in 11 Personnel.  Browns are in their 2-4-5 Nickel Package.

Browns are in an even front pre-snap, meaning there isn't strength to either side of the line.  Horton likes to get his tackles both in 3 technique positions in pass rushing situations, so this is a common look for them.

Cleveland appears to be in a man free look, though there could be some pattern matching zone going on.  The weakside LB throws me off.  Everyone else looks like they are in man, with the strongside safety and middle linebacker passing off defenders in a type of banjo coverage.

The Ravens bring motion from the strong side of the formation to create a tight look.  This brings the strongside corner near the box.  Now, I don't know if Horton has a check here for when they bring a receiver tight, or if this was the call in the huddle.  Regardless, the corner shows man.  At the same time, SILB steps up to the line of scrimmage as well.

Post snap is where the confusion begins.  Like the blitz we looked at last week, this also relies on overload pressure, and a tactical delay from the secondary rusher.  The pressure comes strongside.  Outside linebacker slides in and takes the C gap.  The tackle attacks the strongside A gap, and the guard slides with him.  This slide is the critical mistake in the protection.  All primary defenders in the initial box are still accounted for as the ILB gets picked up by the running back.  However, it's the corner - who slides into the box immediately post snap, shows a quick studder before getting downhill towards the QB - who comes free.  And, just like the last blitz we reviewed, it's not just a good look...he's completely untouched.

Stay tuned to MCM each week.  We'll continue to try and understand the pressure packages of Ray Horton a little better this offseason.