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Outstanding Tennessee Titan player snubbed again

Curious rankings leave me angry about a dissed defender.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus is one of my favorite sites to visit. They are detailed, thorough, and even though they sometimes make some curious decisions, they stick to their guns. If they say they don't like a player, it is because they have watched every snap of him and aren't impressed. As a fan of the game you have to respect that.

However, in a recent ranking of the top 101 players according to PFF, they left off Jason McCourty. Now I know that he isn't the flashiest name in the league (in fact he might not even be the flashiest name in his family) however he is still an outstanding CB.

Last year, few other position groups were asked to do more than the cornerbacks of the Tennessee Titans. Gregg Williams blitzed a lot of people from a lot of different positions on the field, and that put a ton of pressure on Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner.

If you only include players that played 75% or more of the total defensive snaps (so healthy players that were keys to the defense) both Verner and McCourty were top 10 CBs according to PFF. In fact, contrary to what you might expect, McCourty (10.2) actually outranked Verner (9.5). The duo outranked Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden, according to PFF, and they did it with arguably more pressure than most of the cornerbacks in the NFL.

However according to their list both Peterson  (58th overall) and Haden (75 overall) outranked Jason McCourty. I don't argue that these guys aren't great corners, I just think it is time that people recognize just how good McCourty is. He isn't just Devin's brother anymore, he is a top-tier corner and it is a shame that the people over at PFF who had him ranked higher than the aforementioned cornerbacks, left him off of their list, depriving him of an honor he deserved.