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Tennessee Titans biggest area of need still shaky

The Titans have a huge hole to fill this season.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

For all the talk about the Tennessee Titans needing to add a young receiver or another pass rushing linebacker, there has been surprisingly little talk about the strange situation facing the kicker position. Rob Bironas was released before the draft due to a hefty cap figure, and his replacement has yet to be named.

Instead of bringing in a savvy veteran with experience or drafting someone in the late rounds, the Titans have taken two UDFA and will pit them against each other in camp.

Maikon Bonani

Bonani was on the team last year for the preseason and there were a lot of things to like. His best quality was that he had an absolute boot. In pregame warm ups this guy had no issue kicking 50+ yard kicks with plenty of extra distance. If Bonani can get his accuracy under control then this could be the Titans kicker for 2014.

Travis Coons

Coons is sort of the opposite of Bonani which will make for an interesting competition. Not only has Coons never made a 50+ yard field goal, he has never attempted one. However, inside 49 yards he was 15 of 16 last year including seven kicks in the 40+ yard range. Another feather in his cap is that he is an experienced punter which may give him a slight edge in the kicker battle.


I'm not sure how confident I feel in the Titans kicker situation right now, and knowing how fed up fans were with Bironas after a mediocre (but not terrible) past two years, it will be interesting to see how much slack they are willing to give Bonani. If the team decides that they want consistency over leg strength the Coons should have the edge in the competition.