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Breaking down new Tennessee Titans OC Jason Michael

What should fans expect from Jason Michael?

Ezra Shaw

When the Tennessee Titans made the shift from Mike Munchak to Ken Whisenhunt, a lot of coaches were shuffled around. One of the names that almost everyone forgets when listing the new coaches is Jason Michael, new offensive coordinator. With Ken Whisenhunt stating early that he will be calling the plays, most people have overlooked what Michael can bring to the table.

Very experienced coaching up tight ends

Delanie Walker has the chance to be an absolute monster in this new offense that Michael and Whisenhunt are bringing to Tennessee. Walker was very reliable in 2013 despite having inconsistency around him on a weekly basis, and there is no reason to expect he won't be anything but better in year two. Players like Vernon Davis Chris Baker had career years under Michael. In fact, the only years that Vernon Davis topped 900 yards was with Michael, before that he had never had more than 500 yards.

Michael knows how to take veteran players and turn them from good to great, and his work with Ladarius Green shows that he can take talented rookies and develop them into good players.

An understanding of what it takes to win at the QB position.

Michael has expressed that while he loves tight ends, the game revolves around what a team can do at quarterback. Having been a (D-II) championship caliber quarterback in college, he has plenty of game experience at the position and should have high expectations for the quarterbacks.

Michael knows that games aren't won on long passes and risky plays, and chipping away at a defense is very valuable in the NFL. Fans can expect longer drives and more rest for the defense as Michael advises that the offense takes what the defense gives and chews up clock.

Familiarity with Whisenhunt's offense

Obviously, this played a huge part in Michael becoming a Tennessee Titan. The Titans haven't had many talented offensive minds in the past, and while Whisenhunt will be calling the plays it will be nice to have someone who knows exactly what he will expect. This will allow Whisenhunt to be more focused on the team as a whole, rather than nitpicking the offense 24/7.