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MCM Create A Caption

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Rob Carr

Okay, I couldn't help myself. This week's picture comes courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens and their much-maligned running back, Ray Rice, seen here alongside his ecstatic wife. Both were, of course, named in a case brought forward by a Casino they were patronizing when Rice was seen dragging his other half across the floor and into an elevator, all the while being captured for posterity by the establishment's video cameras. No word yet from the NFL on possible punishment for Rice, but it sure makes for an interesting caption for Titans fans. No love lost between us and the Ratbirds after all.

Last week "TitansJonne" provided us with an instant classic of a caption, and took home the overall with 23+ recs to his credit. Can anyone top his 23 this weekend?

Remember to keep it clean and on-topic. GIF's and pictures are welcome, as usual. Without further delay, onto the captioning!