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Tennessee Titans News Links: Full of Tennessee Titans News!

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There wasn't enough Titans news in the links yesterday. Can't say that today!


I am not a huge David Climer fan, but this article about Avery Williamson and the ineptitude of the linebacker position for the Titans is really good. (Titans' news!)

John Glennon "handicaps" the kicker battle.  I would still be willing to put my money on "player not currently on the roster." (Titans' news!)

Ken Whisenhunt was next up in Paul Kuharsky's best game ever series. (Not really Titans' news, but kinda..)

Greg Cosell joined the Midday 180 yesterday and they talked about a variety of topics.  He is on their show every Wednesday at 1:20.  You should listen. (Titans' commentary)

Don't worry, James Gayle is still safe! (Titans' news)

Quote of the day: I hate so much about the things that you choose to be. - Michael Scott