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Jake Locker will do "most everything" in OTAs

Titans QB Jake Locker looks to be ahead of schedule in his rehab.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Wyatt has some real life Titans news this morning.  He talked to Ken Whisenhunt about Jake Locker's progress.  Here is what Whiz told Wyatt:

He'll do most everything,'' Whisenhunt said of Locker. "I think he'll be cleared to participate. But we also have to keep an eye towards not doing too much. … Jake is going to want to throw himself in there, and at this point it is more prudent for us to be reserved in what we do, knowing we'll have a lot of practices in camp ahead of us and he'll get opportunities.
I know some people think Zach Mettenberger has been getting too much attention around here. I don't necessarily agree because I do think he has a chance to be a starter in the league, but Jake Locker is this team's starter in 2014.

It is extremely good news that he will be able to get work in during the OTAs. He is learning his third offense in the last three years. That is tough on any quarterback, so getting as much work in as possible will really help get him up to speed.

This team needs Locker to be good in 2014 if they are going to make a playoff run.