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Between The Posts: The Unsigned

Your nightly OT open thread!

Frederick Breedon

The Tennessee Titans have been at work signing their rookies to contracts following minicamp. Only two remain unsigned in Taylor Lewan and Bishop Sankey, after the Titans agreed to terms with QB Zach Mettenberger and LB Avery Williamson today.

In opposition to common reports, the playoffs will not be expanded in 2014. I say this is a good thing, but also acknowledge that this is a domino that is sure to fall in time. Money talks after all.

Super Bowl LII (far down the road) will be played in the Vikings brand new stadium. So there's that...

Yeah, I am an avid traveler but this would be enough to put me off flying for a little while...In a day and age with such sophisticated technology involving flight plans, air traffic control, etc, this is inexcusable, and not the only thing that has made the US airline industry look befuddled lately, with a routine spy plane mission grounding flights and scrambling air plans all up and down the west coast only a month ago.

That's all from me tonight MCM. Have an awesome Tuesday evening.