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Zach Mettenberger couldn't have landed in a better spot according to Cam Cameron

LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron likes the fit of Zach Mettenberger with the Titans.

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Frederick Breedon

Cam Cameron talked to reporters Sunday in New Orleans and he said that the Titans are the perfect spot for QB Zach Mettenberger according to (h/t Atlas Fumbled):

"He couldn't have landed in a better spot," Cameron said. "If you looked at all 32 teams, and you say who really fits his personality, fits his style and appreciates what he brings to the table along with the need they have at quarterback both short-term and long-term, I think Tennessee is a good fit."

If you want to hear more about what Cameron think about Mettenberger and his fit with the Titans, you can listen to this interview Cameron did with The Midday 180 last week.

On the surface it does look like Mettenberger is the perfect fit for a Ken Whisenhunt team. Whiz has preferred big, strong-armed quarterbacks in the past, and that is exactly what Mett is.

Mettenberger is a long-shot for success, at least according to history. This article from John Glennon points out that no quarterback taken after the third round since 2006 has won more than 5 games.

That is not a good statistic, but it isn't really relevant to Mettenberger at the end of the day. His success or failure will be determined by how he plays. I like his chances.