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Tennessee Titans News Links: Peyton Manning arrested on drug charges

Rob is out of the country for the rest of the month. The links between now and then won't be nearly as good.

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Frederick Breedon

Peyton Manning was arrested on drug charges in Nashville Sunday night.  Unfortunately it was not THAT Peyton Manning.  Who in their right mind names their kid after their favorite athlete (says the guy who has a kid named Griffey).

In other crime news, a Murfreesboro man was arrested for trying to get it on with an ATM AND a picnic table.  That is quite a night.

Nashville basketball legend Don Meyer passed away over the weekend.  Buster Olney reflects on the lasting impact he left here.

Jim Wyatt has an update on the kicker battle in camp.  I would say that Bonani is the favorite.  He can kick the ball really far but had trouble with accuracy during his time here last season.  Did he get that fixed since last summer?

In case you missed it last night, the Titans agreed to terms with 5 UDFAs, and waived Quinn Johnson.

The Cleveland Browns had said they were not going to allow the national media to talk to Johnny Manziel this offseason, but they have softened that stance, according to Mary Kay Cabot.