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Todd McShay Mel Kiper 2014 NFL Mock Draft

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper alternated picks last night on ESPN. It was an interesting result for the Titans.

Future teammates?
Future teammates?
Kirk Irwin

ESPN had a draft special last night, and the highlight was a dueling mock draft between Todd McShay and Mel Kiper (In$ider).  They did 3 rounds.  The result for the Titans wasn't bad.

In the first round, McShay picked Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State.  Here is what he said about the pick:

This is the first pick I've made so far that I'm not thrilled with, only in the sense that I have Dennard rated a little lower than this on my board. But the bottom line is that Dennard is a really good football player, and I needed to get Tennessee a cornerback at some point.

I have come around on Dennard a little bit, but he still doesn't WOW me with the 11th pick. Give me Anthony Barr in that spot.

Kiper made the second pick for the Titans, and he took Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State. Kiper's thoughts:

Shonn Greene, Jackie Battle ... Hmm, I'm thinking my RB depth chart could use an upgrade. The best one in the draft could help, and hopefully also make life a little easier for my quarterback. Rarely is RB a serious need, but I think it qualifies here.

Hyde is a really good player when he isn't hitting women. I can't get past that.