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Tennessee Titans News Links: VY FRIDAYZ

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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I had forgotten he was with the Packers.
I had forgotten he was with the Packers.
Mike McGinnis

Vunce is back in the league, this time with the Browns. I really hope he sticks so we can enjoy Vunce being Vunce. Maybe he'll jinx them for a year, or throw his helmet into the stands along with his pads. The possibilities are endless, so we have to enjoy it while it lasts.

In this week's Ask Mike, Mike Keith takes a stab at who the Titans may draft in the first round. Spoiler: He doesn't have a clue.

The Titans are studying San Diego from last year to replicate that offense and implement it here in Nashville.

Kevin Dyson will announce the 2nd round pick one week from today in NYC.

Cover 2 looks at Odell Beckham Jr, and HaHa Clinton-Dix. Odell is a straight up baller, and I know he's not a need, especially because he's undersized, but he would be a welcome addition to this team. Another place I'd like to see him go is Carolina, he and Cam would be fun to watch. HHCD is pretty darn good too.

PK goes in depth in looking at Aaron Donald, Xanpham's favorite prospect.

McCarthy and Brown are happy that changes have occurred in the coaching ranks. I am too, but I hope they get someone to replace the McCarthy/Fokou combo.

George Wilson and Bernard Pollard are already familiar with the new defense, which gives them a leg up.

Justin Hunter graded himself a C+ last year, hopefully he gets an A grade this year, as he continues to improve. He has all the potential in the world.

Whitehurst stayed in a log cabin during minicamp. Really.

Quote of the Day: "The ambience of the restaurant is sophisticated and modern, yet cozy and welcoming." -One of the reviews for Vince Young's Steakhouse

*****QUICK PSA****** As you all know, on Saturday and Sunday, the MtD Mock Draft will be hosted here on MCM. I am the Titans' GM and SouthTexasTitan is my assistant. There will be an open thread both days where I encourage you all to participate and voice your opinions on who we should pick. We will work as a sort of democracy where you all are having a voice, SouthTexasTitan and I will not be dictators, so again, 11:00 EDT on Saturday, the draft starts, be there in our open thread.