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Between The Posts: Deserving Honors

Your nightly OT open thread!

Robin Marchant

In case anyone here missed it, Eddie George was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall Of Fame. The ceremony was this past week, and of all people, I would say George may deserve the honor most.

The Chicago Bears extended WR Brandon Marshall to the tune of 3 years and $30 million dollars today. He's certainly poised to succeed in that system, but that is certainly a lot of cash. Just in case anyone doesn't know, "jerlindsey" wants the Bears.

For those among you that are fans of soccer and the EPL, Louis Van Gaal was named manager at United this past weekend, with interim manager Giggs now retiring from football to be his assistant coach.

That's all for tonight. I ask that you excuse my absence on MCM for today; I had the opportunity at a rare break from work and decided it best to stay as far away from computer and phone as possible. Back to normal tomorrow. Have a great night MCM.