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Taylor Lewan has pretrial hearing adjourned until June

Taylor Lewan was in court today on his aggravated assault and battery charges.

Frederick Breedon

We talked a lot about Taylor Lewan's off the field issues the night he was drafted.  The incident he appeared in court on today stems from a fight where an Ohio State fan says that Lewan punched him.  Lewan claims that he was actually trying to break up a fight.

Today's hearing was delayed at the request of Lewan's attorney so he can have more time to for more investigation.

Lewan probably ends up working out a plea deal in this where he just has to do some community service or something, but the sooner he gets that done the better.  The Titans need him to be able to give his full attention to getting ready to play in the fall.

We spent all last season talking about how good the Titans offensive line was going to be.  It didn't really end up playing out that way, but they should be really good this year....IF Chance Warmack and Brian Schwenke make big jumps from year one to year two, IF Andy Levitre is healthy, and IF the tackle competition plays out to where Michael Roos anchors at LT and Lewan beats out Michael Oher in camp.