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Titans rookie mini-camp news: Taylor Lewan works at left and right tackle

What will Taylor Lewan's role be for the 2014 Titans?

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Frederick Breedon

It is unclear what the Titans plan to do with first-round pick Taylor Lewan in 2014.  They have veteran Michael Roos at left tackle.  He is arguably the best player on offense.  They have veteran tackle Michael Oher at right tackle.  They gave him a bunch of money in free agency.  That could leave Lewan as the odd man out.

For now, Lewan is getting work at both tackle spots, according to John Glennon of The Tennessean.  Here is what Lewan had to say about working at both spots:

Today was my first significant reps at right tackle," said Lewan, who played strictly left tackle during his four years at Michigan. "So there were some growing pains there. Everybody thinks left tackle and right tackle are the same thing. They're not.

Teams don't typically draft a guy 11th overall to sit on the bench. It is a little bit easier now with the rookie salary cap, but Lewan is going to get a chance to be on the field. My guess is that Lewan will get the bod at right tackle if he is even with Oher when camp breaks. That will hopefully light a fire under both guys to get better between now and August.