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Where Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson wins

What the tape shows on the former Kentucky linebacker.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It is important to remember that when a team drafts a player, it is usually because they see an area that the player is exceptional at. For example, Taylor Lewan was the second best pass blocker in the draft, and with the league (and this team) continuing to develop into a passing league, that is a great asset to have in a young left tackle. That is where Lewan wins.

These video notes are to demonstrate what the Titans may have seen on film that piqued there interest.

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(I will include the time range to watch on the tape provided as well as an indication which team he is playing against. For example "0:00-0:10 Vanderbilt" means this note relates to the first 10 seconds in the Vanderbilt game)

1. Quick Recognition and Instincts

(0:00-0:10 Vanderbilt) Watch how quickly Williamson takes his first step and how well he reads which hole the running back will take. He fills the hole and assists in the tackle.

(1:48-2:00 Vanderbilt) Here he is reading the lead blocker and filling the running lane on 3rd and one. Again, he doesn't make the tackle but his diagnosis leads to a stop and a punt.

(5:38-5:46 Vanderbilt) Here he is taking out the pulling guard before he can get to the second level. He collapses the running lane and allows another defender to make the play.

(0:45-1:05 Louisville) Here he is getting the the hole before the running back and making a big TFL.

2. Patience

Some linebackers are so quick to penetrate that they overshoot their intended targets and create huge gaps behind them. Williamson is much more disciplined than that on film, which is good for someone with limited ability to redirect.

(4:37-4:49 Vanderbilt) This is a perfect example of not overrunning your assignment.

3. Not afraid to make/attempt a big hit in space or in a phonebooth.

(3:27-3:49 Vanderbilt) Some linebackers slow down and don't run through their hits when they are in space like this. ACS was a decent runner in college for a quarterback, but Williamson squares up and trusts his angles.

(1:58-2:06 Louisville) Another great downhill hole-fill where he shows he is not afraid to stick his nose in.

Williamson is one of the easiest players to find things to like about in this draft class. He has made several plays at or behind the line of scrimmage, whether that means eating up blockers and clogging space or finding the ball carrier. He is a very talented SILB candidate for the Titans, especially if he is purely a base-down player that can be covered up with big defensive linemen.

It is linebackers like Williamson that create the need for defensive linemen like Al Woods, Sammie Lee Hill and DaQuan Jones. These space eaters will allow linebackers like Williamson to get clean looks and make plays without worrying about dealing with blockers (something he struggles with).