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Between The Posts: Signing Time

Your nightly OT open thread!


There is an article floating around about the dominance of SEC pro football talent. This year the conference produced an astounding 49 draftees. That is pretty impressive all things considered.

The Chicago Bears (jerlindsey wants them, by the way) fired the opening shots of all NFL teams in signing their first round picks. They agreed to terms with Kyle Fuller today. In typical Titans fashion, I expect them to do what they seem to do every off-season...wait to be last (or close to it) to sign their first rounder, in this case Michigan product Taylor Lewan.

I stumbled across another interesting piece, this was not sports related. Apparently the Russians plan to cease use of the ISS by the year 2020. I am always game for articles on space stations and the like, but ones like this don't help diffuse building political tension.

That's all I've got for today, MCMers. The thread is, as always, open to any OT discussions and debates. Have an awesome evening.