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Tennessee Titans News Links: Battle of the Century

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Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans signed UDFA Travis Coons to compete with Bonani for the starting kicker job. Hold onto your butts ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna be a doozy of a battle.

Speaking of competition, Paul Kuharsky takes a gander at the most competitive positions on the Titans' roster.

The Titans' list of UDFAs includes a kicker, 4 WRs, a safety, TE, and a couple offensive linemen plus James Gayle. I think Hakeem Smith, James Gayle, Ikard, and Antonio Andrews have a real shot at making our roster. We'll see. Unfortunately the Miami Dolphins swooped in and signed Orleans Darkwa at the 11th hour, so unfortunately we missed out on having an all time name team member on our roster.

Webster recaps the draft with Mike Keith. He is very happy with the draft class, as am I.

The draft provided some questions and some answers says Glennon and Wyatt.

Quote of the Day: "Golf is a good walk spoiled." -Mark Twain