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Between The Posts: Now What?

Your nightly OT open thread!

Shaun Botterill

The NFL draft is over, and it was a resounding commercial success. Over 45.7 million people tuned in to watch a plethora of old men pore over cards and charts, and put caps on college athletes. Incredible. In all honesty though, it was fun watching the entire event and chatting with all you fine folks along the way, all the better that the Titans came away with some great picks!

As frivolous as grading a draft that happened a few days ago is, let's talk about it anyway.

Alas, with the draft over, it's back to waiting. But not all that long if you are a fan of (European) football. The world cup in Rio kicks off in just around a month's time, and while my expectations for the England squad are at an all time low, I am always pretty excited to see so many countries of the world get together in the spirit of competition (regardless of my concerns surrounding this year's venue/host nation).

That's all for tonight. Have a great Monday night MCM.