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Titans 5th round pick Avery Williamson a "sleeper" of the draft

SB Nation's own Matthew Fairburn is high on the Avery Williamson selection.

John Sommers II

The reviews of the Titans draft have been all over the board, but the one pick that has been universally lauded is ILB Avery Williamson in the 5th round.  Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation is the latest to weigh in on the pick in his sleepers of the draft column:

It's easy to forget about Avery Williamson. He played for a bad Kentucky team that gave up a lot of points in the SEC. However, he was a productive leader in the middle of that defense and the type of instinctual linebacker who could find success early in the NFL. He always seems to be anticipating where he needs to be and sheds blocks well when he gets there. It shouldn't be a surprise if he gets on the field early in Tennessee.

Inside linebacker will be an interesting battle to watch in training camp. Moises Fokou should see a lot of time because of his familiarity with a 3-4, but everything else there would seem to be wide open. Williamson will be in the mix.