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Taylor Lewan's strengths and weaknesses in gifs

What makes Lewan great, and what makes

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to lie, I was mad when the Titans picked Lewan over Teddy Bridgewater, Aaron Donald (even though he wasn't a great fit), or trading down (I know they attempted a trade with the Browns). He is a pure left tackle who has started 48 games at that position and he is someone who probably won't compete or a starting job this year. However, there is no use crying over spilled milk, so it is time to look at what the Titans might be thinking with the pick.

Draft Breakdown has a new Gif creator feature that is perfect for showing examples of where the 2014 NFL prospects shine, and where they need to improve. With the Tennessee Titans taking Taylor Lewan in the first, it is important to think about why they made the pick.


-Good value there, arguably the last top-end left tackle available in the draft. If they thought they needed an upgrade he was really their last shot.

-Huge player with a great, lean frame and long arms.

-Could bring back the mean streak that the Titans had in during the heyday of David Stewart.

-Despite his size he is deceptively good on the move and in space. Could be a great asset if new offense utilizes ZBS concepts.

Coach tape view

-When he gets his hands locked on it is over. Some consider Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory (#44) the best edge player in the 2015 NFL Draft and here is Taylor Lewan just setting him in quicksand.

Coach tape view


-Struggles with some leverage issues that will cost him in the NFL.

-Needs to calm down sometimes. Obviously wants to be an enforcer, but the penalties David Stewart drew got really old when the team's offense became too bland to come back from them.

-He also struggles to get drive block defenders. Scheme he was asked to block in was more about positioning and the quarterback reading free defenders. This will lead to some growing pains in the NFL.

All in all, Lewan can be a great left tackle if he adds some strength to his game. This draft so far seems to indicate that the Titans plan on throwing the ball a lot more in the future. Lewan is above all things a pass protector whose length makes him a great option at left tackle. Bishop Sankey is a slight running back who makes people miss in the open field and can stay in on all three downs.

I get why people are upset, I am not a huge fan either but thinking about it from this point of view is the only way I can get my head around the pick.