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Explaining Bishop Sankey's value with Gifs

Check out why I think Sankey was a good pick for the Titans.

Otto Greule Jr

Drafting Bishop Sankey is not what I imagined the Tennessee Titans would do given the opportunity to take their pick of the running back class this year. While he may not be a familiar name, there is a lot of upside to this pick as a complimentary back to the inside running style that Shonn Greene and Jackie Battle will use in 2014.

1. Jump cuts and vision

There used to be a player for Tennessee that could pull off moves like this. Freak agility and short area quickness combined with great balance and body control. Combine all of this with great instincts and vision and you get plays like these.

2. Good pass protection

For a smaller back, Sankey knows how to take the legs out from under blitzers and rushers. Neutralizing pass rushers on third down is generally the biggest issue rookie running backs face, so partially understanding how to do that now is a big bonus.

3. Deceptive ability to gain yards after contact.

You usually don’t expect smaller backs to get many yards after contact, but Sankey finds a way to stay low, keep his feet churning and burst for extra yards. This YAC ability from a running back is something Tennessee hasn’t had in a while.