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MCM Create A Caption

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Jason Miller

For this weekend's image, I had to pick something draft-related. So I scoured the pictures from Thursday and Friday's NFL draft and found this appropriate gem...

The Titans avoided quarterbacks through 3 rounds. The Browns, however; dove right in with the 1st round Johhny Manziel selection. While he should give the Cleveland franchise a boost it has long wanted for at QB1, he didn't look too impressed in this still taken from Thursday's draft at Radio City Music Hall.

Last week's caption contest was kind of buried by the Mocking The Draft contest, hosted this year by MCM, and none other than Noles and Greenlaw. Nevertheless, "abeck31", one of our overseas members, took the crown.

Remember, keep your material clean and bring your funniest one-liners to the forefront. GIF's and images are also welcome, as always. This week's winner will be announced on next week's post. Without further delay, onto the captioning!