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Between The Posts: Vince Young Thursdays?

Your nightly OT open thread!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns signed former Titan, Eagles, get the idea, QB, Vince Young. I'm not sure what they expect to get out of him...but I guess at least he's nowhere near Tennessee.

Some wisdom...or whatever you want to call it, from Mike Mayock. I usually find myself agreeing with him during the pre-draft process, but he has plenty wrong this time around in my mind, especially where the QB's are concerned. Blake Bortles and Jimmy Garrapolo are not better than Teddy Bridgewater in any universe, though I do hope some of these teams believe him in that.

Whatever lets you sleep at night buddy...I have news for you, the Superbowl was a beatdown, you didn't just "beat yourself". Respect where respect is due.

The cast for the new Star Wars film got together recently, and it's a pretty stacked bunch.

As always, I leave the thread open for any off-topic comments or discussions. Have an awesome Thursday night, MCMers.