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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Countdown Begins

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!


The NFL draft is just 7 days away from today! Finally, after what seems like forever, it's still a week away. Thanks Goodell.

So you're probably wondering who lost weight and who gained it for the Titans. Casey lost some weight as he tries to attain the goal of 18 sacks this coming year. Chance Warmack is still about 325, and Justin Hunter has bulked up to 208 lbs. I expect big leaps from Chase and Justin, and I know Casey will tear it up.

Eric Ebron is a freak, and PK takes a look at him. I doubt he's there at 11 for us to pick though. In no particular order I think Ebron, Watkins, Clowney, Mack, Manziel, Lewan, Robinson, Matthews, Carr, and Evans are the 10 picks before we pick.

In a very unsurprising situation, the Titans will not pick up Jake's 2015 option. This means nothing in regards to his future except this is a make or break year. Or maybe Whiz drafts someone next Thursday or Friday and that spells the end of the Locker Era.

As PK says, the Titans weren't going to pay Locker 14 mil next year regardless of play this year due to the other years of his career, so if they re-sign him, it'll be for a number much less than that. Random side note, please re-sign Casey.

Because they have a new coach, the Titans get a head start on minicamp. This should be good because everyone is starting from square one.

Cover 2 looks at Calvin Pryor (meh), and Mike Evans (awesome opossum).

Quote of the Day: "So vast is art, so narrow is human wit." -Alexander Pope