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Between The Posts: Pre-Draft Positioning

Your nightly OT open thread!

Al Bello

The MCM Community Mock Draft got kicked off today with the team selections. Your's truly is the virtual GM of the Jacksonville Sparkle Kitties (even if Dynamic Dreadlocks protests), so that's going to be a blast.

In Titans news, not much happening today. The NFL released the preseason know it's a long off-season when preseason games are newsworthy, but I digress. The draft is a grand total of 29 days away now, so (hopefully) it'll be here before you know it.

At this point I think the Titans have set themselves up fairly well for the draft, with few major holes lingering outside of Pass Rusher, Inside Linebacker and Running Back (and maybe CB and QB depending on who you talk to). I will stick with my Barr projection for Tennessee at 11, and it seems much of the pre-draft stock changes at the top of the list have settled for the most part.

Also, hahahaha.