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Between The Posts: Building For The Future

Your nightly OT open thread!


Veteran Titans Tight End, Craig Stevens, joined Kamerion Wimbley today in reworking his current deal to stay with the franchise. I have applauded GM Ruston Webster on the financial savvy he has displayed this offseason already, but it is also a sign of faith in the new coaching staff that these guys are willing to take pay-cuts to stick around, and that includes the likes of journeyman Bernard Pollard, who hasn't shown this much loyalty to an organization in, well, forever.

General consensus from both fans and the team in general are higher than any time in recent memory, beyond any "offseason hype" that typically starts to creep in at this point in the NFL calendar.

The Titans have scheduled visits with plenty of top prospects from across the board of players so therefore....we still have no clue where they are looking for even the 11th overall pick, let alone the rest of the choices. As long as they add a middle linebacker (sorry, nobody will convince me that Brown and Woodyard are worthy run-stoppers at ILB) I will be content. My love for Aaron Donald remains strong though.

The rest of tonight's thread I leave up to you, as always.