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Tennessee Titans News Links: Colder than the Rockies?

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Jeff Gross

In a sort of "Hot or Not" list done by Nate Silver, ranking American Sports teams based on that team's Google search popularity, Titans rank 80, one spot behind the Colorado Rockies, and we are the second to last NFL team, only in front of the London Jacksonville Jaguars.

Delanie Walker says that the loss of Chris Johnson is a big one. Tommy's checkbook suddenly got a lot heavier.

Shonn Greene is fine with being a part of a committee of backs to get the job done. Huh. I love the selfless attitude.

Paul Kuharsky looks at the good and bad numbers from Chris Johnson's career with the Titans.

The Titans seek the kind of running back that is an all around type of back. That they can leave on the field for all three downs if need be.

Here is the official statement on Chris Johnson from the Titans.

Quote of the Day: "Most people do not pray; they only beg." -George Bernard Shaw